Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Comfort Eating!

Welcome everyone to the Pouch Party blog!

What is a pouch party?

Long story short: I had RNY gastric bypass in January 2008. At that time my relationship with food totally changed. At first, like most new pre-ops I struggled with eating. I didn't like protein powder much, got sick of eating just a handful of foods. So I started experimenting, reading, buyign cookbooks and cooking!

Fast forward to today...I have lost 150 lbs. while a variety eating good, nutritious, protein packed, HEALTHY foods. Sitting in support group every month I would listen to other new pre-ops with the same struggles. I'd give them recipes but it can all be very overwhelming at first. So I thought...wouldn't it be great to have a cooking demonstration to show people how some simple substitutions can change your whole eating plan? Thus the pouch party was born!

This will be the place to check out the latest pouch party. See who came, what we made, get some recipes and find information on upcoming pouch parties!

If you'd like to host a pouch party at your home, feel free to e-mail me and I can give you information on how get set up for it.

Our first party was in February and the theme was comfort food. On the menu:

"Not Quite Carbonara"

Can you believe there is no pasta in this dish!!! It's actually my secret Italian comfort food weapon...spaghetti squash!!! This dish is so good even my stepdad (a staunch defender of white carbs) ate it all and didn't notice that it wasn't real pasta.

Taco Casserole

This is a fave in my household. For me I eat it as is, but for the kids I serve it with a portion of whole grain tortilla chips for dipping! This was by far the favorite dish that we made.

Curried Lentils

This is a personal favorite comfort food. Warm, inviting, perfect for a cold day inside.

Bacon-Cheeseburger mini-meatloaves

I gotta give shouts to my girl Eggface, whose blog features a million and recipes including many mini-meatloaves, which is where I drew my inspiration for this one! I make mine in a cupcake tin rather than a mini-loaf pan but it's still yummy!

Protein Balls

These are just like little donut holes...except no sugar, less calories, more filling and packed with protein! This recipe was passed on by a good friend who has her own blog where she keeps good recipes and much more!

Just so you know this wasn't all stuff I made in my own, kitchen, here are some party shots:

These are my support group friends Lee and Yasmin. Lee doesn't even look like he ever needed weight loss surgery does he? Darn men!

Who's that jokester??? That's my daughter Annikki. She wasn't an "official" guest...but she was so darn cute I had to put her in anyway! My friend Pat from support group also came but she did not wish to be photographed (you are beautiful Pat!) so she served as our photographer for the evening. Thank you!

And my BEAUTIFUL mother hosted the event at her house...isn't she the picture of a Nubian goddess?

And by the way here's me:

I looked soooo ratty by the end of it all. I really am a babe...really...LOL!

So the tradition is that the next party's theme is decided by that night's guests. My guests came up with a Breakfast food theme for the next party, which will be on April 25th. Hit me up to get on the invite list.

All my guests got the complete list of recipes for the dishes made that evening. For visiting, I'm going to share with you the recipe for the carbonara. It is soooo good.

Happy cooking!


  1. WooHoo! You rock! Can't wait to see what the next party holds. I might need to try this with my support group too.

  2. Pam, did you notice your shout out? I linked to your blog! But for some reason the link isn't working! I think I have to many "http's" in there.

  3. Nikki - Yep, I noticed the shout out. And I was just looking at my site traffic stats and noticed 19 hits came from this blog in the past week. Holy cow! You're a popular chick!

  4. This is sucha good idea! I can't w3ait to see what all you guys come up with.