Sunday, November 8, 2009

Viva Italia!

And we're BACK! I'm so happy too...I was starting to lose hope that this was, in fact, a good idea. But my friend Nessa helped me find my way back to the light. She was our hostess this month and she chose a wonderful theme....Italian!

So let's start at the beginning. Here are some of our pouchers, all lined up nicely and ready to learn! Kidding! I truly believe that I learn as much from pouchers as they ever could hope to learn from me. But I did dig Nessa's set-up. Usually I am facing folks "cooking show" style. This way felt much more like...we're all sitting at the table and Nik's cooking and we're just having a good time.

This is Nessa. Here she is showing us how she browns ground beef with her "meat smoosher" (or whatever that thing is called...I want one!) while I show how to properly slice a zucchini to make no-noodle lasagna.

These two gals were a BALL! I am horrible with names so I THINK the lady in blue is Kim (forgive me if I got that wrong...I adore you just the same!). Anyway, she was my de facto "helper"--she doled out whippage for the demo protein shake and made sure my onions and peppers did not burn. Thank you dah-ling...MWAH!

And this is me clearly showing off. I can't help point a camera at me and I go all Paris Hilton!
So the dishes we made together were:
-Espresso protein shake
-Pesto Tuna Salad
-No-noodle red lasagna
For tasting the pouchers got:
-Nik's magic meatballs w/ dip
-Italian 3-bean salad
-No-noodle white lasagna
-Mocha protein pudding
...And of course there were the goodie bags. I did a variety of bags that included things like Skinny Water, low-carb cookies, Isopure protein drinks, vitamin holders, Kay's Naturals chips, vitamin samples, etc. We also had a drawing for a BIG prize basket that included: protein powder samples, Power PB (peanut butter), Ostrim Jerky, a shaker bottle, an MP3 player, a pedometer and a load of other stuff that I can't remember at the present but it was big and good. I think I have a pic of it somewhere. Once I find it I'll post it.
A good time was had by all! We are back in full swing here at PP! If you are interested in hosting your own party, hit me up! It's easy and fun and I guarantee you will walk away with at least one piece of knowledge you did not have before. I know I did!

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