Friday, March 25, 2011

Are you looking for the Bariatric Foodie blog?

This isn't it. But you're close. So close that if you sniff hard, you can smell all the great BF recipes!

If you are, in fact, looking for the Bariatric Foodie blog that has over 400 posts worth of recipes, survival guides and nutrition information (and most likely that is what you're looking for), getting there is simple. But before I tell you how to get there, a few points:
  1. Once you get there, be sure to bookmark the page so you don't end up here again. Here is kinda cool...but not really where you want to be if you want the full monty of post-op food yumminess!
  2. Or if you're into blog feeds, sign up for the BF feed. You can even sign-up to get your daily dose of BF by e-mail!
  3. And to keep up with the latest posts on the go, become a fan on Facebook or follower on Twitter. That way you'll get notified of all new posts.
Now, having said all can get to Bariatric Foodie either by clicking here or by going to

See, wasn't that EASY?

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