Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bring a Pouch Party to a kitchen near YOU!

I just want to clear up one thing right here, right now blogoverse...I am NOT averse to doing Pouch Parties outside of Maryland. I get messages from folks saying how they'd love to have this experience but they don't live in MD. Well, here's a tip: if you're willing to get enough folks together to have a party...I could come to you! I'm crazy like that! Hit me up! It may be a real possibility.

I thought I'd give my little spiel on why this is so important to me. Pre-op I hated to cook. My children and I did the carry-out, pizza night, carry-out schedule. Imagine my surprise post-op that I actually like to cook! Am interested in nutrition! I spend hours reading labels, comparing nutritional stats, finding the very best ingredients, the most beneficial recipes, not only for myself but because I don't want anyone out there who has had WLS to feel like they'll never eat well again! I truly believe I've been given this gift to share it with other people.

So seriously...if you're interested in having a party and you're willing to help make it happen...let me know...it may not be impossible.

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  1. My partner recently had bariatric surgery and I found your site while looking for guidelines/groups for family/friends to provide support to bariatric patients. This was a major step for my Queen and I want to be as supportive as possible. Besides being a beautiful woman, she is a wonderful cook and has been looking for good recipes. Your site and links are off the chain, and made my Queen happy. Do you happen to know if there are any pouch party groups in the Denver area, or where we should look to find any? So far, we haven't found any on the search engines...do you do Denver? :) Thanks for any help you can provide.